Environmental Policy

The Pwll Du Adventure Centre (“The Centre”) is owned and managed by Peter and Ann Jones (“The Owners”) and operates as a Self-Catering Residential Centre. We recognise that our business produces waste from guests, maintenance and repair/replacement of fixtures and fittings. It is our aim to comply with legislation, and to endeavour to reduce the environmental impact of our business. We would also like to support local trade, buying from quality local retailers where possible.


This environmental policy applies to all our operations. We cannot dictate the way in which our guests live, particularly when it comes to waste and recycling. We can, however, let them know how we go about our waste disposal and request that they comply with our way of doing things.


General and Recyclable waste is collected by Monmouthshire Council once every two weeks. We provide our guests with three bins within the Centre, one for general waste, one for bottled glass, cans and some plastic recycling and one for paper, cardboard and cartoon recycling, each with their appropriate coloured bags. A large container is located in the front of the grounds for filled bags until collection.

General purchases for the Centre

We believe that our accommodation needs to be comfortable for our guests. We equip them to Visit Wales tourist board three star standard though many items are actually suitable for 4 star accommodation.
We do not believe in a throw-away culture, so we try to maintain fixtures and fittings for as long as possible. We then take to second hand shops if possible. We do try to purchase quality furniture that will last.

General maintenance work

We like to support local traders. Reputable and experienced traders from the area maintain our property with good care.


Energy is a difficult issue these days. Our accommodation runs on mains electricity for lights and kitchen appliances and Liquid Petroleum Gas for cooking and heating. Recently fitted is a Rinnai condensing internal water heater delivering up to 105% net thermal efficiency. All windows are double-glazed and the loft well insulated. Energy saving light bulbs are used where possible and all main kitchen appliances are all A rated or better.


A grease trap is located in the kitchen outlet ensuring that the waste from the waste treatment plant, installed in 2013, is able to maintain its capability, with its annual maintenance checks to return the Centres waste products to a local water course and meeting the requirements of Natural Resources Wales, previously Environment Agency Wales.

We hope you have found this document helpful but if you require further assistance on Environmental matters or indeed any other matter relating to your use of the Centre do not hesitate to contact the Owners.

23 January 2015